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Say Hello to A New Hero Ingredient

May 28, 2021

Happy Friday Friends! 🥳🍾

Today's Fresh Skin Edition is all about hydrating, hydrating and HYDRATING. 💦  In beauty news, Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty has released her new GloWish collection that includes a dewy new skin tint. 🥵

Worried about keeping that skin hydrated? Need new products but don't know where to look? Discover the world of Skin care Subscription Boxes and the insane amount of beauty products they offer right to your doorstep. 💌 📦

Also, make some room on your shelves, in your cabinets or your skin care baskets for the new powerhouse humectant and no, it's not hyaluronic acid! Head down to our ingredient spotlight & recommendations section to find out what the magical ingredient is. 🔬😯

Alas, settle in for some Sephora sales and deals. 🛍

Sounds like a pretty sweet Friday! 💚

Huda Beauty's Debuts New GloWish Collection

Huda Kattan, beauty guru and founder of Huda Beauty, debuted her new beauty collection, the GloWish collection that combines skin care and makeup. The GloWish collection features the new Multidew Skin Tint, the Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder and featured makeup brushes.

The GloWish collection is a lighter-coverage new take for the beauty brand as it has been popularly known for its full-coverage makeup collection. In the press release, Kattan identifies herself as a "self-proclaimed cake face" who has discovered her inner glow and is letting it shine.

Blemishes or no blemishes, I have learned to embrace and truly respect my skin. I wanted to create products that let me show that newfound confidence and the skin that I loved, not hide it away. - Huda Kattan

Multidew Skin Tint is available in 13 shades and sold in plastic squeeze tubes made from PCR material. The makeup provides lightweight sheer coverage and is waterproof. The Multidew Skin Tint is infused with skincare ingredients, including soothing Damascus Rose Oil and blue-light blocking Red Bell Pepper extract.

The Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder is a powder-to-cream formula, best applied with a brush. It's in a compact with a clear lid - to show off the swirl of light and dark pigments. More GloWish products will join the collection later this summer. All GloWish formulas are 'clean' and made with 80% naturally derived ingredients.

The Multidew Skin Tin is priced at $37, and the Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder is priced at $31. The collection is set to launch on June 1st in stores and the official website.

Skincare Subscription Boxes

We already are subscribed to so many subscriptions there's no harm in throwing a skincare subscription among the mix! With quarantine limiting our shopping options primarily to online stores, we've become accustomed to putting in orders and waiting impatiently by the door until it gets delivered.

A report from Royal Mail forecasts the value of the subscription box market to grow 72% by 2022, and data from across the globe appears to agree. First Insight’s recent survey on subscription boxes reported that 25% of American consumers (both men and women) are currently receiving a subscription box. Another 32% of respondents plan to subscribe in the next six months.

Skincare subscription boxes have a ton to offer: you can discover new products from cult favourites and discover new beauty brands, explore new skin care categories like vegan or plant-based and rave over new ingredients! The best thing about most subscription boxes is that you can often find one within your budget. Sometimes they even give you a trial period, and you have the option to cancel the subscription at any time.

We've rounded up some top skin care subscription boxes, their costs with a small blurb about the boxes!

IPSY: Personalized Monthly Makeup and Beauty Box Subscription, $25/month

5 full-size products in a drawstring bag
Discover 2 finds picked just for you
Choose 3 items from a personalized set
Add up to 8 more deals at the same time

BeautyFIX Skin Care, Hair Care & Beauty Subscription Box | Dermstore, $24.95

Full & Deluxe Travel Sizes — Each month, receive 6+ products with over $100 total retail value.
Exclusive Savings — Enjoy subscriber savings & offers on a full-size version of your favorites. Plus, only pay for shipping on your first box!
Premium Products — Our experts curate the best professional & prestigious products, guaranteed 100% authentic.

The Clean Beauty Box, $68 for 1 box, $44.95 for 2 boxes (bi-monthly), or $41.95 every other month for 6 boxes + free US shipping

New brands and established faves are delivered to your doorstep every other month. Every other month, we'll send you a box of the best clean beauty products. Each clean and cruelty-free product is carefully vetted to create a meaningful self-care experience, from unboxing to application. We work with both established and rising brands to help you discover the next cult favorites — all of whom are committed to using safe, high-quality and ethically sourced ingredients.

Polyglutamic Acid

Move over hyaluronic acid; there's a new hero ingredient in town that will replace you in skin care routines very soon. Polyglutamic is a powerhouse humectant capable of holding and trapping in four times as much moisture as hyaluronic acid. 🤯  Find out why this ingredient is finally getting the credit it deserves, its benefits and how and what to use it with!

What is Polyglutamic Acid? How To Use This Hydrating Skincare Ingredient

Excerpt: Polyglutamic acid is a natural polymer first isolated from the sticky paste of a fermented Japanese soybean dish called Nattō,” explains Kelly Dobos, cosmetic scientist and former president of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Often produced by bacterial fermentation, PGA was historically used in wound healing due to its impressive water solubility and high capacity for tissue repair. Still, it has since found its way into a growing number of skincare products. The reason? According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Adeline Kikam, DO, FAAD, as a humectant, polyglutamic acid also has inherent hydrating properties that enable it to replenish moisture levels in the skin and lock it in for continued hydration.

Excerpt: Supports Natural Hyaluronic Acid Production: If a smoother, more rejuvenated-looking complexion is what you’re after, PGA may be able to help there too. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Kiracofe, “studies have found that PGA can decrease the breakdown of natural hyaluronic acid in our skin by inhibiting an enzyme called hyaluronidase, making it an effective preventative product.” By using topical HA and PGA together, you’ll not only increase the amount of HA in your skin but also prolong its effects, resulting in a plumper, softer, and more hydrated-looking complexion.

Everything You Need to Know About Polyglutamic Acid, Your Skin's New Hero Hydrator

Excerpt: As long as the product you're using doesn't contain other active ingredients already (check the label!), polyglutamic acid can be added into any skincare routine, and there's no need to exercise caution when using it with products like vitamin C, retinol, or niacinamide.

Polyglutamic acid product recommendations, anyone? Here they are!

3% Polyglutamic Acid, $14.99 | The INKEY List

This 3% high molecular weight amino polymer is specifically designed to enhance skin moisturization on the surface. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, as well as brighten and even skin tone. The lightweight, silky texture creates a perfect makeup canvas.

Key Ingredients: 3% Polyglutamic Acid Complex

Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, $100 | Charlotte Tilbury

Awaken your skin’s potential with the power of potent ingredients, featuring REPLEXIUM® for younger-looking skin, Golden Vitamin C for a brighter-looking complexion, and hydration powerhouse Polyglutamic Acid – a supercharged skincare ingredient that’s over 4X more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid.

Key Ingredients: Polyglutamic Acid, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

The Giving Essence, $50 | Then I Met You

Containing 80% naturally fermented ingredients, niacinamide and polyglutamic acid, The Giving Essence packs in skin-nourishing ingredients to unlock a healthy, hydrated complexion.

Key Ingredients: Polyglutamic Acid, Galactomyces, Black Chokeberry, Niacinamide, Red Algae


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