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Have You Heard of Hanbang Skin Care?

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Hailing from the streets of Seoul, another k-beauty trend has landed in the Western beauty market. Following the minimalism in the west, hanbang skin care focuses on herbal ingredients that balance mind and body. "Hanbang" refers to traditional Korean holistic medicine.

In a Popsugar interview, Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho reveals her favorite hangbang ingredient is houttuynia cordata or heartleaf. She continues to share that:

"It's packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains polysaccharides, which draws moisture into the skin and promotes a glowy look by keeping your complexion hydrated and smooth."

Using hanbang skin care is a similar philosophy to using organic, naturally derived ingredients in Western skin care. They both focus on effective ingredients that are used in holistic remedies. Key ingredients include ginseng, ginger, licorice, and honeysuckle.

When a targeted skin concern is treated with hanbang products, results are highly successful. Notable recognition for hanbang ingredients is anti-aging, antibacterial, and useful for relieving redness.

If you want to get try hanbang products, there are a few brands known internationally. Some brands to look for are Sulwhasoo, Beauty of Joseon, and the History of Whoo.

What Makes Hanbang Unique?

Often, hanbang brands emphasize the production process of their ingredients. Or, some brands may claim they are "inspired" by traditional Korean medicine. In this case, these products infuse herbal ingredients with commercial formulation without traditional processes like fermentation.

The most important criteria to look for when choosing a hanbang product is its herbal ingredients. Without traditional ingredients, you might just be paying for marketing.

The BeautyTap goes in-depth about hanbang products and why you should incorporate them into your skin care routine. Additionally, if you're super keen to learn about translations, uses, and history of hanbang skin care, Snow White and The Asian Pear is a wonderful blog to check out! You'll fall into a rabbit hole about fermentations, translations, reviews, and more!

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