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Simple Ways to Banish Dark Circles

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The novelty of working from home has worn off for many. Countless online meetings, online lectures, and even video calling love ones are really straining our eyes. Not to mention the number of hours we spend looking at our phones and devices.  

Especially when we're in a productive groove, we often forget to take breaks and give our eyes a chance to relax. Let's find out how we can protect and soothe our eyes!

The skin around our eyes is super delicate and thinner than the rest of our skin. Because of this, the skin around our eyes starts to age prematurely. The most common eye area concerns are:

  • The infamous dark circles
  • Like the title of Harry Styles new album, Fine Line(s)
  • Bikini Bottom's very own Mrs.' Puff-iness

Wherever there is a concern, there's a cure! We've rounded up some of the best eye care products and tips on how to take care of your eyes.

First and foremost, taking care of your eyes will require you to log off! As hard as it may be, consider your health first. Check out DoctorEyeHealth's 5 Tips and Eye Exercises to relieve eye strain immediately.

Secondly, the sun's UV rays commonly cause hyperpigmentation or dark circles. Watch out for these ingredients in your eye creams and serums that can help reduce discoloration:

  • Vitamin C
  • Soy
  • Hydroquinone
  • Kojic Acid
  • Niacinamide

Here are some dark circle combatting product recommendations you won't want to sleep on!

On top of discoloration, if you have fine lines, you must moisturize, moisturize and MOISTURIZE! Look for products that offer a plumping effect with each use, such as:

Lastly, the puff. To combat puffiness, you need to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. For skin care products, try these:

If you're looking to enhance your eye care routine, look no further! Keep reading to discover simple at-home tips and tricks!

How To Manage and Reduce Dark Circles

If you're looking to enhance your eye care routine, look no further! Keep reading to discover simple at-home tips and tricks!

As we talked about earlier, dark circles suck! These shadows make us look older or moodier. On top of this, they can be challenging to get rid of due to our fast-paced lifestyles.

According to dermatological studies, people at the highest risk of dark circles may have darker skin tones due to the melanin present within the skin. Those with darker complexions may also experience hyperpigmentation at higher rates than lighter skin tones. Also, it's common among the elderly or with those who have a genetic predisposition.

So what can you do that doesn't require botox, surgical procedures, or expensive products?

The easiest solution is to apply a cold compress directly to the eye. This method can help reduce swelling or irritated blood vessels while decreasing puffiness and possibly eliminating the darkness.

Take a paper towel or a clean washcloth, wrap some ice cubes there, and apply it directly to the eye. Or elevate this trick with ice globes or an ice ball maker.

While you're at it, incorporate a gentle eye massage to move trapped fluids. Check out The Moment's routine for de-puffing.

Similarly, you can place a spoon or a gua sha in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes and then apply the ice-cold tool to the eye.

Other steps you can take include:

  • Getting extra sleep (easier said than done)
  • Wearing a comfortable sleeping mask
  • Investing in a comfortable, ergonomic pillow

Keeping your head elevated prevents fluid from pooling around the eye area that causes the puffy look.

It may take a few nights of rest before you notice any improvements in appearance, but trust us, say "bye bye" to pesky dark circles.

Will you try any of these tips and tricks?